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Our flowers are realer than real, and really, really easy.

About Us

About Us

A few gentle blooms can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

MyEasyFlower was created by a traditional florist who wanted to find a way to enjoy the lush texture of fresh-cut flowers, but in a manner that was sustainable and cost-effective for their clients. The entire process has a refined, high-end feel, from the stunning drama of the arrangements to the first-class customer service. Simple, paperless invoicing allows you to pay once per month while you enjoy the daily charm of on-trend floral designs that MyEasyFlower will deliver and change your setting monthly, leaving you to do nothing but take in the view.


Flowers and Arrangements

When you let us loose to do our best, we create arrangements that are to die for. We uses only the finest synthetic flowers to create dynamic pieces that highlight the natural beauty of each piece. Our famously un-spillable water adds the final touch that gives each arrangement the appearance of fresh-cut flowers delivered directly from a florist’s cooler.

Our Flower

How It Works

Try us for a Week



Give us 7 days and we’ll show you how glamorous the rest of your life can be. Try one of our arrangements during a no-obligation free trial to see how we can transform your space.

Pick Your Look


The hardest part is choosing. Dozens of styles and arrangements with hundreds of flora species to choose from are at your fingertips.

Love it

Once you’re on board, you’ll never look back. Choose from a month-to-month or yearly subscription and you’ll enjoy floral arrangements and some of the best customer service in the business.

Monthly Switch

Once a month we’ll pull up with a truck and a smile! You browse through our arrangements and our staff makes the switch.

How it Works


Asset 4@300x-8.png

Allergy – Free

Your eyes will think they’ll real, but your allergies will know they aren’t.

Asset 5@300x-8.png


No bugs, dried leaves, or drooping stems. Ever.

Asset 6@300x-8.png


We handle every bit of the maintenance. You just have to enjoy them.

Asset 31@300x-8.png
Asset 3@300x-8.png


Improve your personal environment while protecting the overall environment. Everybody wins.

Asset 7@300x-8.png

Great Value

The look of high-end, fresh-cut flowers at a fraction of the cost.

Asset 8@300x-8.png


Designs that follow the seasons and keep an eye on the most popular trends.


Fresher than Fresh!

  • Significantly lower cost than fresh flowers

  • Never wilts, dries out, or stops being gorgeous

  • Stunningly realistic appearance

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • Sustainable practices in every facet of our operation

The flowers aren’t real but our love for them is.


Our love for nature is the driving force behind everything we do.

When compared with MyEasyFlower, fresh flowers have a carbon footprint that’s several times greater! MyEasyFlower cuts down dramatically or fossil fuels for transport, labor costs, packaging waste, and landfill exposure. If you looked at a long term usage of fresh flower arrangements versus years of MyEasyFlower arrangements, the overall impact on greenhouse emission, ecosystems, and human health vectors are abruptly reduced by almost 99.8%. If you thought your space was the only place improved by MyEasyFlower, you’ll be surprised to see how far their benefits can reach.


Pricing &



Change is good, and a good change, well that’s even better. Picking out a new arrangement is like getting a new outfit for your space, and starting at CHF 20.00/week (VAT excluded), we’ll outfit your place in the latest styles with one of our full-service solutions. Larger arrangements can be more expensive, but everything we offer is between 30% to 70% less than fresh-cut floral designs.

from CHF20/week


Style is great but loyalty is our favorite look. If you’re ready to commit to a glamourous space for the long-term, contact us and we’ll let you in on our Unreal VIP Pricing.


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